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Washing machine to smoke trolleys Type MWW-40

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Chamber washer freestanding Type: MWW-40 is a special destiny device for washing smoke trolleys type "Z" or; H; with dimensions 1000x1000x2000 mm. Made of stainless steel and synthetic materials. Efficiency devices from 20-40szt / h unit as standard allows the washing cycle 3 pcs. Smoke trolleys to the washing cycle, the cleaning process takes into account the washing and rinsing of 6-10 minutes depending on the dirt and the selection and working concentration of detergent in the center of the Recommendation base having a concentration of 2-3% did not foaming. The water requirement in the wash cycle 17-25 l.

Transport trolleys:

Entry and departure smoke trolleys takes place on invasions introduced to the chamber washing and flushing device is mounted directly on the floor employee handling equipment introduces and brings carts with the washing chamber individually.

Washing process:

The process of the main wash is carried out by circulating the cleaning solution in a closed circuit. After placing 3 night inside the washer, the worker closes the door tight washer and commissioning of the wash cycle. The detergent is automatically dispensed into the water tank main washing. Accuracy, efficiency and cleaning efficiency, and ensures smoke trolleys to the device of the turntable, whereby during the cleaning process forklift rotate around their own axis and are subjected to several tens of times the spraying, the washing solution onto the surface of the truck under pressure. Overflow filter collects impurities smooth and eliminates them directly into the sewage system. The flushing process starts automatically when the cleaning process rinse with essential water refreshes the water in the tank main washing. The amount of water affects the consumption of detergent and the quality of the washing solution closed design ensures complete safety support during operation.


Most of the parts are made of solid stainless steel, and their construction ensures safe use and meets the standards of hygiene food production. Simple and stable welded stainless steel ensures easy operation, maintaining the cleanliness and long service life. In our devices use proven components from reputable companies.

The most important advantages of design:

- One man operation

- Construction of stainless steel - stainless steel

- Water pump high-performance stainless steel

- Chamber washing / rinsing

- Closed circuit wash solution

- Ability to adjust the water used for rinsing

- Full control and monitoring of the duration of the washing and rinsing

- Functional design

- Control Analog

- Heating the water in the reservoir power

- The pump dispensing detergent supplier provides detergents


L = lenght: 2200 mm
W = width: 2200 mm
H = hight: 2900mm                                          
Weight: 980 kg
Power supply: 3 x 400 V
Total power: 38,5 KW
Water supply: ¾”
Draining water from the washer: Ø 2, cal
Water heating: Electric
Number of revolutions turntable:    Constant
Pump capacity: 40 m3/h
Number of nozzles:                                        40 szt.
Number of nozzles to rinsing         16 x 2,5 l/min
Tank capacity:        620 l
Ventilation chimney:         250 mm
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