We make sure that your business can use our devices 24/7. That is why we have equipped them with technology that allows you to monitor the status of devices 24/7 (via the Internet). In case of failure, our service is started immediately. Response time 24-48h.

In addition to special cases, the warranty for devices from Chemaxpol is one year from the moment of purchase of the machine. It covers the factory defects, but does not cover failures caused by poor use of the equipment or as a result of mechanical damage.

In any case, you must send a fault notification along with the contact to the person responsible for the device at the address:, indicating exactly the type of fault or providing it with a remote reading via the Internet. In the case of any notification of a defect of the Chemaxpol device, the service is started immediately. After each notification with the person reporting, the service will be contacted to determine the exact possible causes of the fault.

Due to the fact that we care about constant improvement of our devices, it is very important that you provide us with all comments regarding their use. This will allow us to eliminate them as quickly as possible and improve the comfort of work with our devices.

During the whole equipment lifetime in case of any problems in its operation, or when the device requires maintenance, please report such facts. In the case of warranty claims, if we have all the components that are necessary to remove the fault, our team is able to eliminate it within 24 hours from the time of notification. After the warranty period, the initial cost of removing the defect or service inspection is given, and after its acceptance, we proceed to work on a date previously agreed between the parties.

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