Compact hygiene station Type. MOK + 500 + MR + K + SDR

Basic technical data:


MOK + 500 + MR + K + SDR

L = length:

2004 mm

B = width:

1035 mm

H = height:

1915 mm

Power supply voltage:

3 x 400 V

Total power:

1.5 kW

Water connection

½ "3-4 bar

Washing brushes

Ø240 x 500 horizontal


servo drive

Water drain from the washing machine

Ø 50


Stainless steel and plastic


Compact hygiene station Type. MOK + 500 + MR + SDR + K is a specialized device designed to wash cancer, wash and disinfect the soles of work footwear and disinfect the cancer, used in food processing plants with low capacity, additionally equipped with a turnstile.

Proces mycia rąk:

The process of washing the cancer takes place in a separate washing chamber equipped with automatic soap dispensing, washing compartment, towel dispenser and a basket for used towels

The process of washing and disinfection of soles

 The washing process in the shoes washing section starts automatically when you enter the device brushes. The plastic brushes rotate around their own axis. In addition, the detergent is automatically dispensed into the washing water. Placing both hands in the openings for applying disinfectants releases the turnstile, enabling the transition to proceed.

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