MWW 50S, FO, WZ, P


2400 mm


2420 mm


2400 mm above the floor

1000 mm container embedded in the floor


1080 kg

Power supply voltage

3 x 400 V

Total power

19, 5 kW

Water supply


Water drain from the washing machine

Ø 2 "

Steam connection

1 "DN 25

Exchange heat

Closed circuit in stainless steel

The amount of turntable rotation


Pump performance

80 m3/ h

Number of washing nozzles

50 pieces of stainless steel

The number of rinsing nozzles

18 x 2.5 l / min

Tank capacity

980 l

Ventilation chimney

250 mm


Washing machine for smoke trolleys type MWW 50S, FO, WZ, P is a specialized device for the cleaning of smoke trucks type "Z" or "H" with dimensions 1000x1000x2000 and trolleys with mesh shelves. It is made of stainless steel and artificial materials. The tank washer buried in the floor, and the washing chamber in the through system. The capacity of the device is from 40 to 50 pieces / h of smoke carts or 7-10 trolleys with mesh shelves. The device in the standard version allows you to wash in a series of 5 pieces of smoke carts. The washing process includes washing and rinsing from 4 to 7 min depending on the contamination and selection and concentration of the working cleaning agent in the 2-3% non-foaming recommendation. Water demand in the rinsing process 20-50 l per cycle in dependence as above.

Transport of trucks:

The entry and exit of smoke trucks takes place at the level of the floor. The device is mounted in a cavity made in the floor to the height of the tank collecting the washing solution from the washer, which allows direct entry of the carts into the washing and rinsing chamber. The employee introduces and removes carts from the washing chamber one by one.

Washing process:

The main wash process is carried out by circulating the washing solution in a closed circuit. After placing the carts inside the washer, the worker closes the door of the washer and starts the washing cycle. The detergent is automatically dispensed into the main wash water tank. Accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning of the smoke-trolleys guarantee the use of a rotating base in the device, thanks to which the trolleys rotate around their axis during the washing process and are subjected to repeated spraying with a cleaning solution to the surface of the cart under pressure. In addition, the device has a filtration system. The self-cleaning slotted rotary filter eliminates all solid stains above 0.5 mm, which guarantees a repeatable cleaning quality. The overflow filter collects liquid contaminants and eliminates them directly into the sewage system. The rinsing process starts automatically after the main wash process. Rinsing water refreshes the water in the main wash tank. The amount of water affects the consumption of the cleaning agent and the quality of the washing solution, which is managed by means of the water management in the washer. The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation.


Most of the device's elements are made of solid stainless steel, and their construction ensures safe use and meets the hygiene standards of food production. Simple and stable welded construction made of stainless steel ensures easy operation, cleanliness and long life of the device. In our devices we use proven components from renowned companies and modern solutions aimed at reducing the costs of servicing our devices to a minimum. The introduction of modern water management significantly reduces the costs of using the washer in terms of water and energy consumption, cleaning agents, sewage discharge to the sewage system.

The most important structural advantages:

The possibility of one-person service
Possibility of two-person service at the through washer
Construction made of stainless steel
Reduced consumption of washing agent to a minimum through the use of modern water management
High performance stainless steel water pump
Rotary self-cleaning rotary filter
Washing / rinsing chamber
Closed circulation of the washing solution
Adjustable water used for rinsing
Full adjustment and control of washing and rinsing process duration.
Functional design
Control and programming from the DELTA Desktop
The detergent dosing pump delivers the detergent supplier to the manufacturer, as a variant mounts the SLC pump with conductometric measurement

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