Washing machine for transport containers Type. MP-400S, FO + 3mo

Basic technical data:


MP-400S, FO + 3MO

L = length:

6000 mm

B = width:

1100 mm

H = height:

1700 mm


1020 kg

Power supply voltage:

3 x 400 V

Total power:

28.5 kW

Water supply:

1 "

Compressed air connection

Ø8 mm 6-8 bar

Discharge of water from the washer:

 2 "

Steam connection:

1” DN 25 /3-6 bar/

Ventilation chimney

 2 x 200 mm


Washing machine for transport containers Type: MP-400S, FO + 3MO is a specialized device for the purpose of washing all kinds of plastic containers with dimensions of 600x400x200 used in all branches of the meat and food industry with a capacity of up to 400 pieces / h with a blower module with water stagnation.

 Transport of containers:

Loading of containers into the machine takes place manually or automatically from the side of the main washing zone and unloading from the side of the rinsing zone, thanks to which it can be set in line with a continuous transport system. After loading the containers in the washing section, they are automatically moved along the main washing section to the final rinsing section with running water from the network.

The main washing process:

The main wash zone is divided into main washing sections and rinsing sections. The washing process in the main washing section takes place thanks to the circulation of the washing agent in the closed circuit. The length of the washing ring in the section guarantees high cleaning quality. The detergent is automatically dispensed into the main wash water tank by means of a pump with conductometric measurement. In addition, the water temperature during washing is automatically regulated and maintained. The accuracy, efficiency and performance of cleaning containers guarantees the use of stainless steel nozzles with a constant angle of washing and the amount of water outflow. The factor supporting the process of thorough cleaning of containers are guides and a mechanical conveyor for transporting containers with smooth regulation of the speed of movement. In addition, the device has a filtration system. The overflow filter collects impurities floating on the surface of the water in the tank and drains them directly to the drain in the floor. The self-cleaning rotary slotted filter eliminates permanent pollution above 0.5 mm outside the washer. The washed containers go into the rinsing section, where they are rinsed using hot or cold running water directly from the network. Water after rinsing the container goes to the common water management of the washer. Where it is properly divided into zones to refresh them.

The final rinsing process:

The final rinsing process is carried out using hot water from the mains, hot or cold water. The rinsing ring is equipped with nozzles with a suitable water flow and angle of rinsing. The use of warm water at 50-55 ° C supports the rinsing process and increases its effectiveness. Water after rinsing the container flows into the common water management in the washer where it is properly divided and delivered to the water reservoir in the main washing zone, in order to refresh it.

 The process of blowing:

Containers after basic washing and rinsing are transported to the puffing section. To blow out the remaining water, use stainless nozzles blowing on all sides of the container, which are connected to 3 fans. High efficiency fans and nozzle slots ensure the air speed needed to remove residual water from the surface of the containers.


The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation. In addition, the use of the tunnel construction allows the device to be located in the dirty zone and the washed containers go directly to the clean zone. Made of stainless steel ensures high hygienic conditions. In addition, the readable control panel allows full control of the washer's operator over the washing process. In our devices we use proven components from renowned companies and modern solutions aimed at reducing the maintenance costs of our devices to a minimum. The introduction of modern water management significantly reduces the costs of using the washer in terms of water and energy consumption, cleaning agents, sewage discharge to the sewage system.

The most important advantages of the structure:

  • Possibility of working for two people.
  • Construction made of stainless steel - stainless steel.
  • Reducing to a minimum the consumption of water and detergent by introducing proper water management in the washer.
  • Reducing the consumption of water and detergent to a minimum by introducing proper water management in the washer.
  • Main wash section with a self-cleaning slotted rotary filter.
  • Final rinsing section with running water (recommended at 50-55 ° C).
  • Rinse zone.
  • Closed water circuits in the main and washing zones.
  • Adjustable water used for rinsing.
  • Full regulation and control of the duration of the washing and rinsing process.
  • Functional design.
  • Delta electronic control.
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