Washing machine for Big-Box container type. MBB-30S, FO with division of washing zones

 Type: MBB-30S, FO
L = length: 4200 mm
B = width: 2600 mm
H = height: 2800 mm
Weight 950 kg

Power supply voltage:

3 x 400 V
Total power: 14 kW

Water supply:

1 "50-55 ° C

Discharge of water from the washer:

2 "

Compressed air connection

Ø8 mm 6-8 bar

Steam connection:

1 "DN 25 closed circuit pressure 4-6 bar max 160 ° C

Pump performance:

50 m3/ h

Number of cleaning nozzles:

25 szt. ze stali nierdzewnej

Number of rinsing nozzles:

16 x 2.5l / min

Dispensing alkaline disinfectant

SLC pump with conductometric measurement

Periodic dosing of an acidic agent

SLC pump with conductometric measurement

Dosing an antifoam

Time system

Tank capacity:

680 l

Ventilation chimney

250 mm


Washing machine for BigBox containers Type: MBB.30S, FO is a specialized device for the washing of Big Box containers with dimensions of 1200x1000x760-800mm, made of acid-resistant steel and artificial materials. Washing performance from 20-30 pcs / h depending on the type and degree of contamination of the container.

Loading and unloading:

He carries out one employee in the dirty zone and one in the clean area responsible for washing Big Box containers in a washer. The employee sets the container in its destination, on the device's loading platform and activates the Start button. The device automatically loads the container into the washing zone and discharges it after cleaning operations programmed in the device on the clean side.

Washing process:

The main washing and final rinsing process takes place in the washing chamber. After placing the container inside the washer, the detergent is automatically dispensed into the main wash water tank. Accuracy, efficiency and efficiency of containers is guaranteed by the use of a rotating set of washing and rinsing nozzles made of stainless steel, so that during the washing process the washing and rinsing ring rotates around its own axis. In addition, the device has a filtration system. Rotary slit filter selecting all solid stains above 0.5 mm, and overflow collecting dirt that floats on the surface of water eliminating them directly into the sewage system. The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation. The control panel allows individual programming of washing and rinsing processes, which has a significant impact on the cleaning performance and cleanliness of the containers being washed. In the optional version, in the rinsing lance, it is possible to install a disinfectant additive without rinsing, based on peracetic acid in order to increase the microbiological quality on the surface of the Big-Box container below the acceptable standards.


Most of the device's elements are made of solid stainless steel and their construction ensures safe use and meets the hygiene standards of food production. Simple and stable welded construction made of acid-resistant steel ensures easy operation, cleanliness and long life of the device. In our devices we use proven components from reputable companies.

The most important structural advantages:

  • The possibility of one-person service.
  • Construction made of stainless steel - stainless steel.
  • Water and cleaning agent consumption reduced to a minimum.
  • High performance water pump.
  • Washing and rinsing chamber with self-cleaning rotary slotted filter.
  • Closed circulation of the washing solution.
  • Adjustable water used for rinsing with a flow meter.
  • Full regulation and control of the duration of the washing process.
  • Dosing of detergents and antifoam actuated from the operating panel.
  • Functional design.
  • The possibility of remote communication with the device via the boarding house.
  • Modern control system on the DELTA desktop.
  • Counter of washed and main containers.
  • Shift and main water consumption counter.
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