Washing machine for small equipment type MKSD 15 S

Basic technical data:

Type MKSD 15S
Length 1450 mm + 850 mm feeding table
Width 2125 mm
Height 2415 mm
Weight Kg
Power supply voltage 400 V
Total power 8,5  kW
Water supply 1”
Water drain from the washing machine 2″
Open pair 1”  max 160 C  3-6 bar
Number of loading baskets 1 piece.


Washing machine for small equipment type MKSD 15 S is a specialized device for the purpose of cleaning and sterilizing small equipment of small dimensions used in the food industry with a washing performance of 15 cycles / h in baskets with a basket size 85x85x45.


Loading equipment for the machine is carried out manually in transport baskets. The fine equipment is placed in the basket in a vertical position in its dimensions. The operator puts the basket into the washer along the guide, closes the appliance door and starts the washing and sterilizing process with the Start button.

The process of washing and sterilization:

The main washing process takes place thanks to the circulation of water in a closed circuit. After placing the basket with the small equipment inside the washer, the worker closes the door and activates the washing cycle. The detergent is automatically dispensed into the main wash water tank. Accuracy, efficiency and cleaning efficiency are guaranteed by the use of a rotating base in the device, so that the basket rotates around its own axis during the washing process and is subjected to several times the washing process with a pressure washing solution. What's more, the device has a system of washing solution flow through the ring filter, retaining solid debris and an overflow filter that collects liquid contaminants and eliminates them directly into the sewage system. The rinsing process starts automatically after the main wash process. Rinsing water refreshes the washing solution in the main wash tank. After the rinsing process, the spray disinfection process is started with the steam opened directly into the washing and sterilization chamber.


The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation. Made of stainless steel ensures high hygienic conditions.

The most important advantages of the structure:

The possibility of one-man operation of the device
Construction made of stainless steel
Water and cleaning agent consumption reduced to a minimum
High performance stainless steel water pump
Filter drawer eye
Washing and rinsing chamber and disinfection
Closed circulation of the washing solution
Adjustable water used for rinsing
Full regulation and control of the duration of the washing, rinsing and disinfection process
Functional design
Counter cycles for shifting and constant washing
Control and programming from the DELTA Desktop

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