Washing machine for smoke sticks TYPE MKW-300

Basic technical data:

TYPE:  MKW 300

L = length:

1700 mm

B = width:

790 mm

H = height:

950 mm


580 kg

Power supply voltage:

3 x 400 V

Total power:

12 kW

Water supply:


Discharge of water from the washer:

 1, 5 "


Electric with heaters


Washing machine for smoke sticks Type .MKW-300 is a specialized device for the purpose of cleaning smoking sticks up to 100 cm long and weighing up to 0.9 kg, used in all branches of the meat, fish and food industry.  

Loading unloading:  

Loading into the washer is done manually by an employee from the top of the washer in a quantity of up to 300 pieces per washing cycle. After the washing and rinsing process, the service employee manually unloads the washed kiji by placing it on a trolley suitable for storage.

The main washing process:

The MKW-300 is designed for two washing processes, the main washing process with the addition of a cleaning agent, and the rinsing process. The main washing process takes place in a drum rotating around its own axis, which causes a mechanical cleaning factor by rotating the kiji inside the drum. The detergent is dispensed manually or automatically into the main wash water tank, after the main washing process, the water with the washing agent is drained via the manual valve directly into the sewage system. After thoroughly emptying the tank, close the drain valve and start Rinsing, after the rinse cycle is completed, open the drain valve to empty the washer from the rinsing water.


The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation. Made of stainless steel ensures high hygienic conditions. In addition, the readable control panel allows full control of the washer's operator over the washing and rinsing process. The mounted warning lights inform the operator of the washer about the washing processes. In our devices we use proven components from reputable companies.

The most important advantages of the structure:

  • One-man device operation.
  • Construction made of stainless steel - stainless steel.
  • The main washing section with traffic lights informing about the washing process.
  • Rinsing section with traffic lights informing about the rinsing process.
  • Full regulation and control of the duration of the washing and rinsing process.
  • Functional design.
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