Classic line Washing machine for cans after filling. Type. MPP-15000

Basic technical data:



15,000 pcs / h

L = length:

3200 mm

B = width:

980 mm

H = height:

168 mm

Power supply voltage:

3 x 400 V

Total power:

8.5 kW

Sanitary water pump


Washing and rinsing nozzles

Made of stainless steel

Water heating

Heat exchanger pair water


Ø 50

Ventilation chimneys

  200 mm


Washing machine for cans after filling type MPP 15000 is a specialist device designed for washing them after filling with stuffing before pasteurization, with a base size of 0.99 mm. The capacity of the device is 15000szt / h, depending on the type of packaging.

Transport cans:

Loading the jar after closing the machine takes place automatically. The upper guides in the washing zone adapt to the dimensions of the can height. The transport chain is equipped with special drivers that judge the jar in the right place, stabilizing it during washing under working pressure.

Washing process:

The can washing takes place in a closed circuit with water under pressure in a linear system by means of stainless steel washing nozzles. In addition, the device has a filtration system. The overflow filter collects floating floating water in the tank, eliminating them directly into the drain in the floor. The ring drawer filter collects solid contaminants protecting the washing nozzles against clogging, which guarantees the effectiveness of cleaning. After the main washing process, the can is transported to the rinsing area where it is rinsed with running water.


The closed design ensures full safety of operators who are working during operation. Made of stainless steel ensures high hygienic conditions. In our devices we use proven components from reputable companies.

The most important advantages of the structure:

  • Operation of the device is maintenance-free in a line.
  • Construction made of stainless steel - stainless steel.
  • Water pump made of stainless steel
  • Washing and rinsing chamber.
  • Full control of the process duration
  • Functional design.
  • Analog control.
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