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The Label remover type ZEO-1000S is a specialized device designed to remove paper labels and stickers from all sides of a plastic container with dimensions of 600x400x200. Used in the meat and food industry, whose yield is 400-1000 pcs / h. The device works as a freestanding individual unit. It can also be part of the washing line and cooperate with the container washer.

The most important advantages of the structure:

  • Possibility of working for two people or work in the washing line,
  • Stainless steel construction - stainless,
  • Stable water consumption,
  • High pressure pump and high efficiency nozzle,
  • Labeling section equipped with a dropping filter,
  • Open water circuits in the areas of picking labels, outflow directly into the sewage system,
  • Possibility to adjust the efficiency of removing labels from containers to the existing container washer,
  • Full adjustment and control of the duration of the process of removing labels,
  • Functional design.
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