Jako producent urządzeń myjących dla branży spożywczej, zdecydowaliśmy się o rozszerzenie produktów z oferty naszej firmy o profesjonalne kabiny stacjonarne i przejściowe do dezynfekcji ludzi lub towarów. Nasze komory mogą zostać wykorzystane do dezynfekcji osób wchodzących do zakładów pracy, jak również klientów sklepów, aptek czy budynków użyteczności publicznej.      
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MBB 30S, FO chamber washer is a specialized device for the washing of Big Box containers with dimensions 1200x1000x800mm, made of acid-resistant steel and artificial materials. Washing performance from 20 to 30 pcs / h depending on the type and degree of soiling. VIDEO - WASHER BIG BOX CONTAINERS
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One of the flagship products of Chemaxpol is a device used to remove labels, stickers and stickers from containers. The extremely efficient and easy-to-use mechanism is characterized, among others, by the possibility of two-person service, stable water consumption, and stainless steel construction. Familiarize yourself with our possibilities of removing labels. Ripper label - how to remove labels and stickers from containers Ripper label ...
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usuwanie naklejek usuwanie etykiet zrywarka etykiet
Application: ZEO-1000S rotary ripper is a specialized device designed to remove paper labels and stickers from all sides of a plastic container with dimensions of 600x400x200. Used in the meat and food industry, whose yield is 400-1000 pcs / h. The device works as a freestanding individual unit. It can also be part of the washing line and work with a washcloth ...
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To meet the expectations posed by our customers and valuing the quality, precision and speed of the products, the machine park of our company has been equipped with a modern device for cutting water. This will allow us to execute orders faster with simultaneous care for the details of their implementation.  
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Welcome to the new CHEMAXPOL website. Suggestions regarding detected irregularities and improvements should be sent to our address.  
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