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Why do we perform an audit on an existing washing station?

The audit aims at comprehensive examination and assessment of the condition of the washing stations operating in the plant. It is a tool that allows its assessment in terms of the quality of the washing operations performed, but also the costs that the plant incurs in this respect.

Audit is also consultancy for companies that give the opportunity to comprehensively and objectively look and compare with the current state and possible what the company can achieve.

The audit is addressed not only to employers, but also to those responsible in the establishment for its hygiene, quality and costs.

What should we start with and what to compare with?

For the plant to meet the highest sanitary requirements, and at the same time to bear the lowest possible financial outlay.

- How do we perform washing operations? What can be changed to improve its quality and reduce costs?
- How many people currently occupy the washing positions? What can be achieved by automating washing positions or combining them?

- How much water is used in the booth in the current washing system? How much could we use while working on Chemaxpol devices?
- What costs do we incur for heating water supplied to the washing stations? What costs could we incur after the investment?
- What amount of washing agents do we currently use? What can we consume when working on Chemaxpol devices?
- What type of performance do we currently have? What is our demand?

Comparison of the existing washing station with CHEMAXPOL devices

Eg cleaning of smoking trolleys 500 items

Current washing at the plant

Chemaxpol device

type MWW-50S, FO

The quality of washing Correct Repeated
Washing time 5pcs / 6 minutes 500pcs / 12h
Number of employees 1.5 full-time 3-posts for a through washer
The amount of water 50C 32 l / 5piece cycle 3200 l / 500szt
Amount of cleaning agents 0,6 60 l


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